Hand Blown Art Glass Angel Fish

• Hand Blown Art Glass Angel Fish ~H:6x2" 1lb
• Hand Blown Art Glass Angel Fish ~H:6x2" 1lb
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Product Description

• Hand Blown Art Glass Angel Fish ~H:6x2" 1lb
Hand blown Art Glass Angel Fish, which like its name, imparts of itself the brightest when filled with the rays of light discovered in some cozy sunlit or similar location.

Its clear glass body infused with dark emerald green, trailed and lightened upon a vertical ridge tinge in yellow. Speckles of smudged blues break the outer green's hold, that's all encompassed by the Angel Fish's crystal form.

The angel fish's bottom base has been ground and finished smooth.


Product Quantity: Only 1 item in stock.

Condition: Very Good! Upon close inspection a hard to see scratch lies towards it left front bottom side, otherwise in near new condition.

This store looks for the best to offer and comparing vintage to new sometimes happens, maybe too much. But at the other end is to understate what is viewed. Ultimately it’s the customer were seeking to informed and hopefully we do so correctly.

Country: Unknown

Size: approx. H: 5.5” x W: 1.75” x Depth: 4.75”

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