1-Quart Ball Glass Top Jar

• Canning Jar - One Quart Ball Blue Glass Top Bail Wire Atq/Vtg
• Canning Jar - One Quart Ball Blue Glass Top Bail Wire Atq/Vtg
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• Canning Jar - One Quart Ball Blue Glass Top Bail Wire Atq/Vtg

Hand selected from many one quart Ball Canning Jars.

May include Ocean Recoveries and will be stated as such.


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• 45) Ball A

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Over the decades I had a small hobby, this too while traveling. I would search antique stores across the country looking for Blue Glass Top Bailed wired canning Jars, that had to be in perfect antique/ vintage condition before I bought, including bottom bases without wear marks, picky me. 50 years later and a few more then needed I’m starting to organize to sell. Many were bought before the internet got smart with Pentium 4 processors, so values were maybe higher than those found in online businesses. I’ve kept transaction records and will be focused more on condition and not on rarity as much. Since across the nation they were priced and sold by this factor and being able to hand select by visual inspection most all I’ve acquired fit this rule. One exception is those I have that will be stated as Ocean Recoveries, likely Alaska or from Canada’s deep water dives.

Might give a reason for why I had this buy them all attitude as I searched decades ago in every store. I lived once in the Northwest Olympic Peninsula back in the 1970s and on the property I discovered a collapsed root cellar a century past its prime. Hidden deep inside were blue glass canning jars filled with foods, 25 gallons or so. Those that weren’t with magnesium lids types, all having corroded, held fast their inner properties, likely last added before the 1940s. To my surprise half of those found that were sealed with rubber and glass lids didn’t have their contents dropped onto the compost pile. But rather instead fed to my goat that loved these still good and colorful canned products, processed more than 50 years prior.


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