Torero Bullfighter - Matador & Bull, Chrome Bronze Sculpture

• Torero Bullfighter - Matador & Bull Mounted, Chrome Plated Bronze Sculpture ~H5x6" 3lbs Vtg
• Torero Bullfighter - Matador & Bull Mounted, Chrome Plated Bronze Sculpture ~H5x6" 3lbs Vtg
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• Torero Bullfighter - Matador & Bull Mounted, Chrome Plated Bronze Sculpture ~H5x6" 3lbs Vtg
A uniquely different artisan’s crafted Bronze Matador and Bull Sculpture and quite nice too.

"With the bull in full charge the matador (liken to Manuel 'Manolete') brazenly lifts his muleta cape high above the Toro's head in daring dominance, provoked from the side the beast rears its head back in glancing frustration."

On the underside is a worn gray felt fabric, which still attempts to conceal the base’s hollow area. It is unknown what appears underneath this old felt. There is something that still rattles away when slightly tipped in hand, possible a remnant from when being formed.

The stout chrome plated bronze sculpture possibly was made with a limited chrome thickness, so to allow the copper underlay to show. This chrome surface also has a slight blue appeal in areas, which blends well with the otherwise metallic chrome and copper’s yellow colors. Would possibly see it correctly now as having viewed it when original, which likely was the intent of the artisan in designing. Time and handling too can wear away the millionths of inch chrome skin to also display similarly. But seeing how this has been cared for I tend to believe it was carefully handled by its previous owner.

Circa: late 1940s to mid-19th century.


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Condition: Very Good! This has been given a brush coating of a museum sold grade wax, similar to Renaissance Wax and lightly cloth wiped but not polished. It ensures integrity and stability to current aging prior to sale.

When cleaning chrome avoid harsh chemicals, metal cleaners, even alcohol since chrome should never be polished but just cleaned. Too plated bronze or brass mix can be damaged by acids and chemicals found in many cleaners. Use instead dishwashing liquid and dabs of water or a non-cleaning wax, such as furniture wax. Never use paper towels since they can scratch, using instead cloth.

Common method used in the past to plate bronze. Copper underlay is typically applied as filler upon the bronze, fills holes and imperfections. Nickel is next plated upon this copper underlay to give a mirroring color. Can oxidize and be scratched. Finally a Hard Chrome outer surface layer is applied. Chrome is extremely hard and usually only a few mils are applied, so a very thin coat resides on the surface of the plated brass. This protective chrome surface if scratched can never be properly polished out and must be removed and reapplied.

Country: Spain possibly but unknown.

Size: approx. H: 5.25” x L: 6.0” x W: 4.0”

Weight: 3 lbs | ~ Ship (4.1lbs) - Ship weight for this sale is an approximation till revised at time of purchase. For which a total 'of all items' and their weights being shipped will be known, should this be required.

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