Wall Art - 15th Century Steeple Hat Woman Carved in Cedar Driftwood

• Wall Art - 15th Century Steeple Hat Woman Carved in Ancient Cedar Driftwood H:20x3" Vtg
• Wall Art - 15th Century Steeple Hat Woman Carved in Ancient Cedar Driftwood H:20x3" Vtg
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• Wall Art - 15th Century Steeple Hat Woman Carved in Ancient Cedar Driftwood H:20x3" Vtg
A 15th century Woman wearing her Princess styled long Hat carved on ancient Cedar Driftwood.




About The Artists Creation, by a husband and wife team from the Puget Sound, Washington state area.

All of the wood use is recycled from old growth western red cedar logs. The logs were originally cut 50 to 100 years ago for flotation pieces in old rafts and floating docks on Puget Sound. The age of the logs used to make the carvings are at least a minimum of 1000 years up to and exceeding 2500 years. Little or no old growth cedar is being cut today.

The old logs and pieces of same that are used come drifting by the artist’s home during winter storms. They appear on the surface to be rotting away but when cut open, they yield beautiful old growth wood. The logs are hand split into boards using a froe, the same tool the pioneers used to make cedar shakes for siding and roofing material. The couple, the artists involved is a team, where the husband does the above and the wife is the primary designer and painter of the pieces.


Temporary Notes

Having been involved in the harvesting of old ancient cedars and other such forest giants in this region, the tales are lengthy. Its abrupt ending was unbelievable to have witness personally in the great Northwest and Alaska. The more recent age of logging empowered by the 1970s growth in hydraulics, from its former and much slower past historic cable drum machines, took our old growth forests by storm overnight.

It also was an understated frenzy in salvage recovery of this Ancient Old Growth Cedar that was cut and down a century earlier.

They were left hidden and likely once thought unrecoverable. But with newer faster more powerful machines their recovery was exploited in the rugged and steep mountains of the Pacific coastal ranges. **

I watched and took part in this time limited contractual grab, where one at a time giant cedar logs were recovered in vast draws between mountains, many giant 1 truck load ‘pumpkin’s’ worth 20+ thousand dollars apiece literally would be smashed to bits in this salvage rush. This as men and machines would attempt to draw them to be loaded unseen through sea level fog and rain to ridged top mountain peaks, heavy in snowfall, where loader’s with trucks awaited.

Hydraulics … when they showed up it took no time to de-void entire mountain ranges of old growth. I went from one Northwest state to another in this removal of the final old growth. When the 1 log loads that exceeded imagination with their weight was over, everything back in the late 1980s also began to change.

...and yes I do prefer seeing trees stay growing, but times and people dictate otherwise it seems.

**Yarder machine & anchor; tree stump or sometimes a caterpillar parked on the other side of a ridge opposite of the yarder. This would hold the skyline and haulback cables, blocked and drum rolled on either ridge. A rigging crew with its rigging slinger would work between the ridges choking, belling up logs and calling out to the landing messages, where trucks awaited to haul this wood to be processed.


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