Standing Chef Hardwood Sculpture

• Carved Greeting Chef Standing, Ironwood Sculpture H:25x9" 14lbs
• Carved Greeting Chef Standing, Ironwood Sculpture H:25x9" 14lbs
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Product Description

• Carved Greeting Chef Standing, Ironwood Sculpture H:25x9" 14lbs
A sculpted Wooden Greeting Chef. Set to Stand in keeping the Spirits of Cookery alive and well. Includes Knife and a replacement for the former 2-prong Fork having been lost. Might be it was much needed in the former owner’s food preparation.

Ironwood is the most durable and lasting of the world’s hardwoods. It will if cared for last hundreds of years and has a fire class rating the same as concrete or steel. Ironwood rarely splits or splinters (if seasoned correctly**) which make it a great choice for homes with small children ... also bug proof.


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Condition: Very good, has a small crack formed on right side. Such cracks may and will occur in time when wood is taken in its raw native form and carved without seasoning first. The Fork is missing with a replacement added.

**Ironwood used in large sculpture likely has not been given the same treatment afforded plank wood and is not seasoned properly. This will cause the art Sculpture to crack and once having done so will never continue and likely could stay that way for a possible millennium.

Country: Vietnam but unknown.

Size: H: 25.0” x W: 9.0” x Depth: 7.0”

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