Glazed & Tooled Pottery Oil Lamps

• Pottery Hurricane Oil Lamps, Tooled Potter's Wheel Pottery, Signed 1977-'78 ~H:22x8"
• Pottery Hurricane Oil Lamps, Tooled Potter's Wheel Pottery, Signed 1977-'78 ~H:22x8"
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Product Description

• Pottery Hurricane Oil Lamps, Tooled Potter's Wheel Pottery, Signed 1977-'78 ~H:22x8"
2 Potter's Wheel Hurricane Oil Lamp(s) working art from the 1970's set to earthen clay, glazed and fired to give years of brilliance from the attractiveness formed.

At their upper point and below the solid brass threaded collar, which resides on top of the oil chamber font, is a bluish glazing riddled with hazy white. The glaze is intermixed and covers a brief raised pattern of slanted rectangles, edged in redden brick brown.

Further down are tooled ringed collars, marking the various breadths of the now smoothen pottery form as it narrows. Areas here are glazed in interspersing tones of darken drops of streak speckle browns. Set to a background of whitish tinge grain blue.

Continuing at its narrowest angle the thick clay center flares broadly outward. Forming its base and is given to raised reliefs set at ~45 degrees, displaying leaf stem flowers of similarly like colors.


There is a small difference between the 2.

• 1977 - Larger base (7.75”) dated and signed, Buermann.

• 1978 - Slight Smaller base (6-7/8”) and slightly taller. Dated and signed, Buermann.

Otherwise nearly identical in what the potter originally created way back in the 70s.

Both Lamps being handmade a slight overall pattern difference in color may be seen. Though by themselves or together they are as inspiring as they were in former ownerships, of giving light and harmony.

Underneath of the bottom base is inscribed: Buermann and dated.


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Condition: Very Good! Liken to new yet of vintage and pre-owned, appearing well cared for with limited use. The oil chamber(s) have been inspected and show to be remarkably clean. Brass burner plate, wick and brass collar replaced and updated. May retains a former scent of previous oil use. This since some fuel oil may contain added flower aromas.

Country: USA, from local artist in Coeur d’Alene, ID. Having been purchased over 2 years from separate parties and set to this sale.

Size: approx. H: 12.0” (11.5” to top of threaded brass collar for wick’s lamp burner plate) x Dia: 7.75”, oil chamber diameter is 5.0” and uses a chimney globe with a lower base opening of 3.0 inches. Overall height with globe is 21.5”.

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Caution: Important to always check that the burner is securely screwed into lamp base. With any combustible product keep in a well ventilated area and never leave a burning lamp unattended.

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