Cole & Mason #2 Mortar & Pestle

• Cole & Mason #2 Mortar & Pestle, Large & Stout *Dia:7in ~H:6in* 14lbs
• Cole & Mason #2 Mortar & Pestle, Large & Stout *Dia:7in ~H:6in* 14lbs
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Product Description

• Cole & Mason #2 Mortar & Pestle, Large & Stout *Dia:7in ~H:6in* 14lbs
A large and respectably presented Granite Mortar & Pestle. It's of a rich dark color speckled in a matrix of tinged hazed grey.

The Mortar features a polished outer and course inner grinding surface. Its large Pestle is crafted to a fair gripped smooth handle and set to a superbly fitted meshed crushing head. Surely a well crafted combination, along with overall stoutness of a heavyweight.

What's said of this grandly defined crusher gives wealth to its splendid design and beauty. That’s undoubtedly to hold a strong edge against time.


Product Quantity: Only 1 item in stock. Item includes 1 Mortar and 1 Pestle.

Condition: Very Good, a similar to new item with previous retail sale, showing little to no prior use. In cleaning the crushing and mashing of whole grain rice works in removing one's prior choir, keeping the Mortar and Pestle at their best.

Country: Designed in England…

Size: approx. Mortar - H: 5.0" x Dia: 7.25" (top rim) Base Dia: 5.5" with an inner top opening Dia: 5.25" set to a depth of 4.0". Pestle - L: 7.5" x Dia: 2.25" at grinding head and a diameter of 1.75" at the handle end.

Weight: 13 lbs 5.0 oz | ~ Ship (14.9lbs) - Ship weight for this sale is an approximation till revised at time of purchase. For which a total 'of all items' and their weights being shipped will be known, should this be required.

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