Oak Tabletop 70 Compartment Display Case

• Solid Oak Tabletop 70 (L:3x2") Compartmental Slotted Display Case Vtg
• Solid Oak Tabletop 70 (L:3x2") Compartmental Slotted Display Case Vtg
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Product Description

• Solid Oak Tabletop 70 (L:3x2") Compartmental Slotted Display Case Vtg
Being offered is a Solid Oak Hardwood Tabletop Compartmental Display Case. Be perfect for sorting and displaying collectable art beads, as well of the many other possibilities this well made wooden case could be used for.

Contains 70 individual sized compartments, L: 2-7/8” x W: 2-1/8” x H: 1-3/8” and an overall inside height clearance of ~1-1/2”.

The construction is of heavy plank wood having its sides taper gradually lower as it slopes forward. Base’s bottom lower surface (Particle) board is without felt liner. Removable oak slats are grooved to interlock with one another to form multiple square compartments.

The top is open; there is no cover or upper enclosure included. It does have 2 slotted groves running parallel on its front and back sides and above the compartments, possible for an intended top. Which if made could be a one piece cover or such that would open up on either side by the sliding of 2 separate and overlapping panels, left or right.

Also appears that it was attached by screws to another surface, possible as to secure and even hang vertically.


Product Quantity: Only 1 item in stock.

Condition: Very Good!

Country: Suspects locally crafted in the Pacific Northwest Region of USA, otherwise unknown.

Size: approx. H: 4.5” at back and 3.25” at front x W: 30.75” x Depth: 17.75”. The max interior width is 30-1/16” and the depth from front to back is 16-3/8”. If measuring into the cut groves the depth is 3/16”. Total interior depth is 16.5” to 16-9/16”.

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