EBW 402 Utility Pump Nozzle for Fuel / Oil

• EBW 402 Utility Pump Nozzle for Fuel/Oil Made in USA Vtg
• EBW 402 Utility Pump Nozzle for Fuel/Oil Made in USA Vtg
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Product Description

• EBW 402 Utility Pump Nozzle for Fuel/Oil Made in USA Vtg
Just a little different and possibly predates the many other EBW 402’s Service Nozzles being advertised. Lightly cleaned with no polishing, replacements, and or dressing of the original aluminum body, nozzle, or marking stamps.

Stamped, Made in USA with 402 on left side of nozzle body and B1502 with 19 below this on right side. Upper top on the Brass colored poppet valve nut is embossed EBW.

Unknown Mfg date but suspected before the ‘90’s and would make a good addition in one’s collection or project.

To note, there appears to be similar newer nozzles but missing stamp marks. Making unknown where they were manufactured and very unlikely the USA, as this offered here is.


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Condition: Very good with past use and normal nozzle body wear; showing some dings, marks and stains, but no corrosion pitting. Would assume still functional for pumping oil, fuel, etc. from a steel drum, if that’s to be its purpose but untested. The threaded internal coupling end for hose fitting is without damage, or repair and the internal valve appears able to hold a light air pressure. Poppet valve assembly from looking into the hose barrel end looks new/clean and is being taped to keep it this way till next owner. Possible to be set back to a near like new condition, though speculative.

Country of Mfg: USA

Size: approx. L: 12-3/8“ x W: 1.75”, with a threaded Dia. measuring out to 1.0” for hose and 5/8” Dia. nozzle opening.

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