Brass Elephant Trumpeting Handle Bell

• Bell - Brass Elephant Trumpeting Handle Bell ~H:6x3" Vtg
• Bell - Brass Elephant Trumpeting Handle Bell ~H:6x3" Vtg
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Product Description

• Bell - Brass Elephant Trumpeting Handle Bell ~H:6x3" Vtg
A cute Elephant Brass Bell, giving its best with raised trunk trumpeting and chimes of plenty to call out.

Like similar style Hand Held Bells this one is a 2 piece, where the Elephant could be detached from the lower brass bell.


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Condition: Very Good! Has a surface spot on the bell that appears dimpled, as when having been formed and the hot melted brass being poured into the mold didn’t perfectly fill. Under a magnifier it indicates it was a casting flaw. Another minor metal flow indentation on the edge of bell, not apparent but reported and too indicates it was from when being made. Both if observe add a quality of character and overall the elephant bell shows having been cared for and likely similar to when sold new.

This store looks for the best to offer and comparing vintage to new sometimes happens, maybe too much. But at the other end is to understate what is viewed. Ultimately it's the customer were seeking to informed and hopefully we do so correctly.

Country: Unknown

Size: approx. H: 5.75" (3.5" for elephant) x Dia: 3-1/8" at bell's base x L: 2.5" & W: 0.5" for elephant.

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