Fenton Opalescent Hobnail Ruffled Crystal Handled Basket

• Fenton Opalescent Hobnail Ruffled Crystal Handled Basket ~H:6x4" Vtg
• Fenton Opalescent Hobnail Ruffled Crystal Handled Basket ~H:6x4" Vtg
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• Fenton Opalescent Hobnail Ruffled Crystal Handled Basket ~H:6x4" Vtg
Ageless and stirring is this cute glass Fenton Basket from the early 1970s to post 1950s. With cheerful looks one can only see how in time it gifts its owner with motivating appeal. A must have for any collector. With its high arched bamboo cut handle, gives radiant quality and ease to freshly picked flower arrangements, or add a creative touch for one’s own sensational look.


About Fenton’s maker mark, in 1970, Fenton added their logo to the bottom of some pieces to distinguish them from older pieces. In 1974, Fenton started putting their logo on all the pieces they made. Another type of mark is found on Glass Baskets. Where the glass handles of the baskets are attached to the base of the basket a stamp is made. Each handler had a specific pattern to help identify which handler attached the handle. The marks began in the 1950s and were instituted by Frank M. and Bill Fenton.


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Condition: Very Good and in perfect condition as would be new from the Fenton company. It does have an unfinished spot on one end of the handle that wasn’t polished and left slightly jagged. This isn’t uncommon with Fenton glass baskets, since this is where they ‘marked’ the basket after the 1950s and prior to the 1970s.

Country: USA

Size: approx. H: 6-1/8” x Dia: 4-3/8”

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