Clear Fluted 7-Point Star Pattern Rim Vase

• Blown Clear Fluted 7-Point Star Pattern Rim Vase ~H:7x6” Vtg
• Blown Clear Fluted 7-Point Star Pattern Rim Vase ~H:7x6” Vtg
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Product Description

• Blown Clear Fluted 7-Point Star Pattern Rim Vase ~H:7x6” Vtg
A fluted crimped, light walled, weighted Clear Glass Vase, gives clues to its design yet till held doesn’t tell of its true richness in form.

The design is simple with an air of ambiance. Not a Vase to be just expected but discovered. As in exploring a long forgotten attic and this Fluted Vase being highlighted in memory forgotten, stirred anew by its find. Early to mid-1900s


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Condition: Very good, as would be expected of vintage glass with size, yet still retaining it’s new like condition and showing care in past handling. It does hold a minor scratch or two that are hard to see as well as find, but there and possibly could be polished out. Note, even current bought glass can be similar. The bottom base too holds indication of use, which only adds to this wonderful vase’s character. See photos

This store looks for the best to offer and comparing vintage to new sometimes happens, maybe too much. But at the other end is to understate what is viewed. Ultimately it’s the customer were seeking to informed and hopefully we do so correctly.

Country: USA but unknown

Size: H: 6.5” x Dia: 6.0“, at top and 3.75” at base. Inner opening varies with an average of Dia: 3.25” and 6.0” Deep.

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