Gray Electronics 300 Watt Bilinear Amplifier

• CB - Gray Electronics 300 Watt Bilinear Amplifier Vtg
• CB - Gray Electronics 300 Watt Bilinear Amplifier Vtg
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• CB - Gray Electronics 300 Watt Bilinear Amplifier Vtg
Building description and sooner or later to be offered...

A vintage powerhouse that can still do more and mobile too.



Personally I wanted something that gave me the power but wasn’t going to damage things. It will warm up those antennas so best have the good ones.

Little used and well cared for, having never been opened up, seems many like to tweak their gear; this never had that and is original stock.

Rule of thumb long back, 1 watt = $1.00.


Product Quantity: Only 1 item in stock.

Condition: Very Good, when last turned on, being since wrapped and packed away in some obscured (but clean) corner for the last 30 years. It and the original box it came in will be brought out to the light of day, when its turn comes in photo taking here. Has original receipt from the 1980s.

Suppose since hauling logs back in the 1970s and being one of those first to use in ’74, daily, what was to become a decade later the cell phone, I wasn’t too interested in Hamm, or CB radios as I should had been … and having shot my fair share of glide slopes back then as a CFII, it was where advance radio use was headed that sidelined my motivation for getting involved with other forms of wireless communication, such as Hamm radios. For which this Gray Electronics Bilinear having been acquired and very well like soon became forgotten and left hidden away.

Country: Japan


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