Hand Sculptured Ironwood Eagle

• Hand Carved Ironwood Eagle ~H:9" 2.5lbs Vtg
• Hand Carved Ironwood Eagle ~H:9" 2.5lbs Vtg
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• Hand Carved Ironwood Eagle ~H:9" 2.5lbs Vtg
This ironwood carving shows the artist having created an Eagle form that flows in contour to what an eagle should be. It has no stamp and it’s suspected that it was made by native Americas Indians, circa 1960s-‘70s.

Desert Ironwood is found in the southwestern deserts and can live for 800 years. The wood itself is impervious to insects and fungi and a tree can take a millennium to weather away after dying.


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Condition: Very Good! It has been very lightly rubbed with pure mineral oil (food grade cutting board oil) to protect the wood. The results will be a darkening of the ironwood which in a short time will begin to lighten as the nondrying mineral oil dissipates, showing an even deeper beauty of the enriched wood grain. This should be done yearly to preserve the carvings integrity. No other oil should be used since some will actually rot wood, by allowing the introduction of organics that can degrade within.

Country: Americas Desert lands regions

Size: approx. H: 8-7/8” x L: 4.5” x W: 3.5”

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