'Jackleg', Miner w/ Drill Bronze Sculpture

• 'Jackleg' by Gary Prazen - A Bronze Sculpture of Miner w/ Drill 376/400 '87 ~H:13" 5lbs
• 'Jackleg' by Gary Prazen - A Bronze Sculpture of Miner w/ Drill 376/400 '87 ~H:13" 5lbs
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• 'Jackleg' by Gary Prazen - A Bronze Sculpture of Miner w/ Drill 376/400 '87 ~H:13" 5lbs
Bronze sculpture of a Hard Rock Miner handling a Jackleg Drill, inscribed on the base is, 'Jackleg' © 1987 Gary Prazen 376/400.

This Original Creations, Inc. bronze art form is mounted upon a placarded Hardwood tiered Base, with the following set in black and printed in gold text:

#4 Shaft Project Team,

"I am committed to safety because it’s the right way to work"

The Sculptor is Gary Prazen, founder/artist of Original Creations, Inc., who honored and immortalized Utah coal miners through his sculptures.

About the Artist

Gary incorporated Original Creations, Inc. in 1981 after creating his first bronze sculpture of John Wayne. That sculpture launched Gary into a full time sculptor. Instead of keeping with the popular theme of the time, which was western, he started sculpting the subject of mining. Today, Gary is known throughout the Mining Industry for his creations relating to mining. Gary now works in many mediums and an array of subject matters. Want to learn more about Gary? Sadly, Gary passed away on November 19, 2016 at the age of 80.


Back around the mid '80s in East Central Utah, 27 miners were lost due to a mine fire, December 19th, 1984. A year later the 27 men were finally recovered. Personally working in transportation, I was at this mine when the last miner was finally brought out and laid to rest with his fellow workers. Company I worked for had a trailer that was used for the retrieval. Having once been myself a full phase basic hard rock miner, I feel particularly reminiscent and grateful of the artist’s having made the decision to use miners as an art medium.


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Condition: Very Good! The bronze statue is set to its base by means of a threaded bolt, which likely has remained undisturbed since 1988 and its metal placard is possibly that of a sticky glued back. They both could if needed be replaced or left as originally intended, since they do appear similar to what would be purchased new. This has been given a coating of a museum sold grade wax, similar to Renaissance Wax and wiped, but not polished. It ensures integrity and stability to current aging prior to sale.

Country: USA

Size: approx. H: 13.25" (** 11.5") x L: 9.0" (** 7.75") x W: 4.5" at base" (** 3.5") ... **Sculpture

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