Krays-Tol Sawtooth Rim Glass Milk Pitcher

• Glass Milk Pitcher Krays-Tol ~H:7x6" Atq
• Glass Milk Pitcher Krays-Tol ~H:7x6" Atq
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• Glass Milk Pitcher Krays-Tol ~H:7x6" Atq
It’s just the perfect memorable styling of a classic artistic antique Panel Pitcher. Stout and heavy with its Sawtooth rim and the beauty of a cut Sunburst on the base’s bottom to show through.

Hinged mold with a cut polished pontil, stamped ‘Krays-Tol*’ (1907-1926) holds around half gallon of lemonade, or whatever should suit the occasion. Made back in time when Machine formed glass or Automatic Bottle Making ‘ABM’ was just starting up. Wasn’t long before glass seen in these old Krays-Tol became distinctively apart of a past history, once handmade.

*Mark used by Jefferson Glass Company on utility glass and its "Chippendale" pattern of tableware. Jefferson Glass Company founded in 1900 till closing in 1933. Company started in Steubenville, Ohio, in Jefferson County, for which they were named and had remained till 1907.

Relocated in 1908 to Follansbee, West Virginia the company focused on producing non-opalescent crystal. At this time they also sold many of the company’s original opalescent molds used in making Carnival glass to Northwood Glass Co. Many of Jefferson’s patterns used prior to moving to W. Virginia disappeared after relocating, which were distinctive and unlike anything later appearing in the history of American glass production.


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Condition: Very good as would be expected from a pitcher nearly 110 years old, that’s been kept well in display. Surely a nice antique paneled pitcher, similar to a new bought one in store but much better.

Country: USA

Size: approx. H: 6.5” x Dia: 5.75” (8-5/8” from spout to handle end) & 0.25” glass thickness @ rim.

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