Large Colored Point Back Crystal ~60mm

• Crystal - Large Point Back Crystal, Red - 60mm ~Dia:2x1.5"
• Crystal - Large Point Back Crystal, Red - 60mm ~Dia:2x1.5"
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Product Description

• Crystal - Large Point Back Crystal, Red - 60mm ~Dia:2x1.5"
• Red - Large Red Point Back Crystal, a smoothed edged Red Crystal.

• 2vtg - 2 vintage crystals with wear to silver coat, may not be of similar size to others in store offer and sold together, see condition below.


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• 1) Red Crystal

• 1) 2vtg Clear/Red Crystal w/expected wear.


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• Red - Very Good, similar to new yet pre-owned.

• 2vtg - Good, some wear to silver coat on clear crystal with nearly complete removal on reddish colored jewel. Slight chip and small deep scratch noted on the clear crystal. Minor chip on reddish crystal and very minor flaw observed under magnifying glass to its flat faced surface, see photos.

Country: China or other.

Size: approx. ->

• Red - 60mm or H: 1.5” x Dia: 2-3/8”

• 2vtg - 50.8mm or H: 1.0” (25.4mm) x Dia: 2.0”

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