Auto / Salvage Depot List

Items are sold as-is, expect age with weathering, in its entirety or parts. Photos may not show true condition. Buyer should have adequate knowledge in auto restoration and the ability to rework vintage/ antique metal. Serious buyers welcomed.

Please be aware we cannot know true condition, though if someone welded or tossed a half gallon of bondo, this likely may be seen and given in sale info. Metal possibly will have dents, or damage, and should be expected to some degree. Rust may have even penetrated through the metal. Again if seen it will be stated. Items shown in photos are how they are when discovered and likely not cleaned. They will be prepped cleaned prior to shipping.

[Body] Notation below and found in, info (ifo) given in the following information provided each vehicle on previous page.

Panel=pl-(*) • Cab Roof=cr-(*) / Cab Brace=cb-(*) • Door=dr-(*) • Hood=hd-(*) • Trunk=tk-(*)

Left Front=lf. • Right Front=rf. • Left Rear= lr. • Right Rear=rr.

Example: pl-lf.(*) / pl-rf.(*) / pl-lr.(*) / pl-rr.(*)

* Body:

(0)=Shows straight.

(1)=Previous patch (bondo) repair. (1a)=Multiple repair patches. (1b)=Other…

(2)=Small dent. (2a)=Surface w/indicated dent area. (2b)=Multiple dents, minor to larger. (2c)= Large surface depression or dent indicating metal stretched, possible heat cold retracting repair? (2d)=Surface crumpled with multiple angles, possible cutout and or major rework.

(3-")=Metal has single tear or puncture, ~size given. (3a-")=Multiple tears or punctures, ~size given.

(4)=Panel or rolled metal edge indicates some surface rust. (4a)=Panel or rolled edge(s) showing limited rust pinholes. (4b-")=Rolled edge or panel rusted out, ~size given of area removed in panel. The opposite given if a "Fender Panel," ~measurement will be from the top of fender to where metal is no longer viewed.

(5)=Panel surface area beyond restoration, full panel replacement likely. (5a)=Rocker panel rusted out.

(6)=Metal surface modified from original, extensive repair necessary or replacement.

-> Driver position is left side. -> Panel: Encompasses the outer surface area, includes front and rear fenders, rocker. -> Cab roof, includes front and rear support braces. If van, braces include side wall panels (w/fixed windows) of body. -> Fender Panel height: Is the upper height for either the front or rear fender areas. Should the rear height include, as an example; a coupe’s rear sloping roof edge, the point of height measurement will be taken at the rearmost placement. -> Hood and Trunk are referenced to the hinged lid panel areas.