Heavy Gauged Large Flat/ Round Iron Puzzles

• TJH Tucker Jones/ Similar Heavy Gauged Large Metal Iron House Tavern Puzzles USA
• TJH Tucker Jones/ Similar Heavy Gauged Large Metal Iron House Tavern Puzzles USA
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• TJH Tucker Jones/ Similar Heavy Gauged Large Metal Iron House Tavern Puzzles USA
Made stout tough for those who love to monster brain puzzles, through clever twists and turns they give way to separating themselves. Makes for great entertainment around the home or in social gatherings and never be without when buying all Six. Solutions may not be complete, Storage Bag(s) not included.

Ring and Hearts puzzles could not be located in search and it’s assumed by their construction to be as good in quality as TJH Tucker Jones bestows on their work. They might also of an earlier design by the company.


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• 1) Old Shackles - - *Extra Heavy-Duty* 3/8” thick flat iron. Overall L: 8.0” x W: 3.5” • Puzzle Difficulty: Easy • Objective: Remove the iron ring • An old favorite often made from horseshoes. The real test it said is to be getting the ring back on. (1981)

• 1) Lyon's Loop - Tavern Puzzle (1983) Lyon's Loop, by Tucker Jones is named after the famous 19th century blacksmith, Patrick Lyon, c. 1840, who was the original creator of this disentanglement puzzle. • Difficulty: Intermediate • Objective: Remove the iron ring.

• 1) Satan's Stirrup - The first (1985) Tavern Puzzle designed by Tucker-Jones. • Difficulty: Intermediate+ • Objective: Remove the shuttle.

• 1) Smooth Operator - Stamped - TJH 2004 "The offspring of 'Iron Maiden' and 'Wise Guy.' A clever scoundrel! (2011)" - Tucker-Jones •Difficulty: Difficult • Objective: Remove the metal ring.

• 1) Ring Irons - can’t find this one yet it has all the signs of similar work to Tavern Puzzles, Tucker-Jones quality work.

• 1) Iron Hearts - can’t find yet it shows similar quality to Tavern Puzzles, Tucker-Jones quality work.


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Condition: Very good and similar to when new yet pre-owned.

Manufacturer: Tavern Puzzles, Tucker-Jones House, Inc.

Country: USA


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