Warranted Superior Miter Saw

 Warranted Superior Miter Saw 29" (23") 11-TPI, 3lbs Vtg
Warranted Superior Miter Saw 29" (23") 11-TPI, 3lbs Vtg
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 Warranted Superior Miter Saw 29" (23") 11-TPI, 3lbs Vtg
-Warranted Superior Miter Saw, 11-TPI.

-This purchase is set for individual sale, or as an addition to in store sale offer of item: Langdon Acme Miter Box 74C Miller Falls & Henry Disston Saw 33"(26") 11-TPI, USA 30lbs Vtg/Atq, and ending in #7039, located in Vtg/Atq Tools.


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Condition: Good! Oxidation is light to medium with like scale build-up. Overall interspersed etching may have developed, with some limited pitting at tip of saw. Without removal of the current surface scale its unknown if any degradation of the metal has occurred, since made from the finest of steels. Blade teeth appear sharp and without damage. Apple Wood Handle shows some checking and having not been tightened to the blade, a degree of looseness occurred. This can be corrected by the reset of threaded bolt screws.

Limited cleaning was done with a small fine wire brush and #0000 steel wool. The metal was given a light oiling with a grease preservative coating and the apple wood handle hand rubbed with Howard cleaning wax, this without soaking. Saw was then wiped dry.

Country: USA

Size: approx. H: 5.75 [overall*] (5.0 saw blade) x L: 29.0 [*] (23.0 cutting surface) x W: 7/8, 0.25 for band at top of blade.

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