Warranted 'Jackson' Superior Miter Saw

• Warranted 'Jackson' Superior Miter Saw L:19” (14") 12-TPI, 1.5lbs Atq
• Warranted 'Jackson' Superior Miter Saw L:19” (14") 12-TPI, 1.5lbs Atq
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Product Description

• Warranted 'Jackson' Superior Miter Saw L:19” (14") 12-TPI, 1.5lbs Atq
-Warranted 'Jackson' Superior Miter Saw, with early Eagle medallion on handle, 12-TPI.

-This purchase is set for individual sale, or as an addition to in store sale of item: Langdon Acme Miter Box No. 74C - Miller Falls, Henry Disston 33” (26”) Saw, and ending in #7039, located in Vtg/Atq Tools.


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Condition: Very Good! The miter saw shows indications of surface oxidation. Some scaling persists throughout though light in most areas. Light and minor surface pitting on the blades upper braked band brace, likely since it’s of softer steel. The blade itself being casted shows plenty of unblemished surfaces, though light sparse pockets of surface pitting exist. Blade’s teeth appear sharp and without damage. Saw’s Handle other than being aged and having no finish remaining, is still true to its original form and without checking.

Overall a real nice candidate for restoring or just left as it currently is.

The blade has been oiled, as too a preservative coating of grease applied and wiped dry. The apple wood handle has been given to a rub down with Howard cleaning wax, this without soaking and too wiped dry. Use of a conditioner to aged wood like this should be lightly applied, to avoid detrimental aging in time from undue saturation, or soaking of the wood with oil. This is only a thought and may not apply to this item.

Country: USA

Size: approx. H: 5.75” [overall*] (3.75” saw blade) x L: 19” [*] (14” cutting surface) x W: 0.75” [*] 3/16” for band at top of blade.

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