Montana Dream Catcher

• Montana Dream Catcher - 13.0" overall Vtg
• Montana Dream Catcher - 13.0" overall Vtg
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• Montana Dream Catcher - 13.0" overall Vtg
Plant Fiber, Leather Suede, Glass Beads



Legend of the Dreamcatcher

Central Plains Tribal Indians believed the air to be filled with both good and bad dreams.

The Dreamcatcher allowed only good dreams to pass through the center hole to the person sleeping. The bad dreams are caught in the Catcher’s Web and passed out upon morning’s light.

Traditionally Dream Catchers hung in Lodges or a Tipi and upon a Childs cradle board, as told by Native Americans.


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Size: approx. H: 13.0" overall and the Web Catcher alone is, Dia: 4.0" with 0.75" Depth … Beads are from 0.25” and smaller

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