Rustic Cast Iron Moose Door Knocker

• Rustic Moose Door Knocker, Cast Iron ~H:7x7" Vtg
• Rustic Moose Door Knocker, Cast Iron ~H:7x7" Vtg
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Product Description

• Rustic Moose Door Knocker, Cast Iron ~H:7x7" Vtg
Hand forged and meant to last this cast iron Moose Doorknocker is as simple as it is artful in its rustic design. The ring knocker is welded to its base plate and was so designed for use in an area where nuts and bolts would fail if exposed over time.

Circa 1970s-‘90s and was manufactured by a then Dayton Hudson Corporation, Minneapolis, MN., which no longer operates under this name.

Reminds me of what I once seen on deep forested homes in Montana and Idaho back the in 1970s, where moose are in abundance.

Uses: Doorknocker, metal art display, towel holder, or that clever idea unique to ones needs.


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Condition: Very good, shows mild aging with a original primer base spotted by a deliberate speckled black paint, resided on a now interspersed lightly oxidized surface.

Such an oxidized surface only adds to protect from building a more harmful deep pitting rust scale. This especially needed in a region where fir trees grow and moose live in rivers fed by months of cool damp climate.

Country: Taiwan … otherwise unknown.

Size: H: 6.5" x W: 6.5" x Depth: 0.25" and 1.0" Thick where bottom door clapper makes contact with its base.

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