Pottery - Stoneware

 Stoneware Deep Baking Crock Small & Heavy/ Utensil Holder/ Wine Chiller ~H:5x6" 2lbs
Heavy Stoneware Deep Baking Crock/ Utensil Holder/ Wine Chiller ~H:5x6"
 Stoneware Pottery Vase Tall
Stoneware Tall Pottery Vase
 Honey Colored Pottery Jar with Lid
Honey Colored Lidded Pottery Jar
 Pottery - Primitive Style Art Handle Pitcher/ Pot, Large ~H:10x10"
Primitive Style Art Handle Pottery Pitcher/ Pot ~H:10x10"
 Stangl Style Pottery Handle Pitcher with Gilded British Columbia Painted, Small ~H:4x6"
Stangl Style Pottery Pitcher, Gilt Painted British Columbia, Small ~H:4x6"