Rolex Bucherer Watch 'B100 12' Spoon(s)

• Rolex Bucherer Watch ‘B100 12’ Spoons (2) Vtg
• Rolex Bucherer Watch ‘B100 12’ Spoons (2) Vtg
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Product Description

• Rolex Bucherer Watch ‘B100 12’ Spoons (2) Vtg
Ample silver plated Rolex Bucherer Watch ‘B100 12’ Spoon(s). They are souvenirs from the company which was based in Lucerne, Switzerland.

The Lion represents the Lion Monument of Lucerne, having been carved out of natural rock in 1820. It was dedicated to the Swiss soldiers who died in the French Revolution.

Circa: 1960s


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Condition: Very Good! Each is identical to the other and acquired and stored without display since the early '70s.

Country: Switzerland

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