Sockeye Red/ Coho Silver Salmon Clay Pottery Wall Art

• MAGGI® Sockeye Salmon Clay Pottery Wall Art ~H:5x14" - Uncommon Vtg
• MAGGI® Sockeye Salmon Clay Pottery Wall Art ~H:5x14" - Uncommon Vtg
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Product Description

• MAGGI® Sockeye Salmon Clay Pottery Wall Art ~H:5x14" - Uncommon Vtg
True to form Sockeye Salmon, clay fired at high temperature and set to mount vertically for display.

On the backside can be found marks in the pottery that are from cheese cloth or similar, which was laid upon the once soft clay. The clay is then kiln fired, burning away the fabric and leaving a unique imprinted pattern. Also two attachment points are formed from the clay and are bridged by a multiple stranded wire that acts as the hangar. Stamped MAGGI, where 1 of 2 wire attachment rings resides. There also appears beside this what looks like a Copy Right Stamp, MAGGI®.

About Maggi

Maggi brand foods originated in Switzerland in 1885/6 till 1947, when it merged overseas with the Swiss based Nestle Company. Since then the Maggi brand has been a great success for the Parent company Nestle.


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Size: approx. H: 5.25” x L: 14.0” x Depth: 1.0"

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