Swimming Dolphins Brass Sculpture

• Brass Swimming Dolphins Sculpture Statuette, Large ~H:13x12"  Vtg
• Brass Swimming Dolphins Sculpture Statuette, Large ~H:13x12" Vtg
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• Brass Swimming Dolphins Sculpture Statuette, Large ~H:13x12"  Vtg
A great addition is these two nicely casted Brass Sculptured Swimming Dolphins. They are posed intermingling beside one another above an ocean's rocky sub-surface.



There are others made similar but with lesser detail. Offered here carries greater clarity, time and work performed in creating; giving a far better appeal when shown, plus the talent of artisan's feat in labor. The height, length, as well as width can also vary in others found. They are handmade and unique to one another, but overall of same size in castings, circa 1970s-'80s.


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Condition: Very good and similar to when new but of vintage. The Dolphins are mounted upon its base by hardware. Being of a cast brass allows lightness in weight and the ability to make new a metal that in time ages.

Country: Asia S. Korea possibly but unknown.

Size: approx. H: 13.25” x L: 11.5” x W: 12.0”

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