Orrefords Crystal Tulip Bowl

 Orrefords Crystal Tulip Bowl ~H:5x7" 5.7lbs 1980s Vtg
Orrefords Crystal Tulip Bowl ~H:5x7" 5.7lbs 1980s Vtg
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Product Description

 Orrefords Crystal Tulip Bowl ~H:5x7" 5.7lbs 1980s Vtg
A Stout Orrefords Crystal Tulip Bowl that beautifully refracts light and rings a delightful sound when tapped by fingertip, as fine crystal should.

The 8 elongated and bulbously thick Petals have a lensing affect, added to with a floating candle will dazzles up any room.

Base is polished flat giving a clean and defined base edge, petals too are smoothly rounded. Hand signed at bottom: Orrefors JJ (design style) 4989.12.


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Condition: Very good as would be when new but vintage, a minor flea bite at bottom base edge and very light scratches seen with a magnifying glass, which could be corrected. Older table protectors have been removed (will include originals) and newer clear silicone style base protectors added.

Country: Sweden

Size: approx. H: 5.0 x Dia: 6.75 at top with a 3-1/8 diameter at its base.

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