Men’s Dark Walnut & Light Birdseye Maple Valet Case

• Men's Dark Walnut & Light Birdseye Maple Valet Box ~H:3x10x7" 2lbs Vtg
• Men's Dark Walnut & Light Birdseye Maple Valet Box ~H:3x10x7" 2lbs Vtg
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Product Description

• Men's Dark Walnut & Light Birdseye Maple Valet Box ~H:3x10x7" 2lbs Vtg
Quality craftsmanship commands this handsome Dark Walnut & Birdseye Maple Case, its exterior and interior set smooth to the touch, giving it a streamline look and feel.

A recessed grooved cut at the front lid makes for quick and simple access. While durable double width hinges add a solid supportive touch, which too are smartly recessed away from view. Exterior corners all have reinforce splines, giving lasting stability and strength. Wood constructs are observed as uniquely hand cut and finish, likely from larger wood (block) stock. At the base, bracket mitered corner footing, milled from 4 separate pieces sets this case apart with classic rugged appeal.

The wood currently (2018) has been given a cleaning coat of Howard’s Feed-N-Wax, than a couple coats of Trewax furniture paste wax and buffed. It is unknown if prior coats such as Tung or Danish drying oil were used. Being of vintage a good wax coat should be all that’s needed in time to make its tight, closed grain wood silky smooth.


Product Quantity: Only 1 item in stock.

Condition: Very Good, with no dings or scratch marks. There is a slight exception being on the bottom inside base bracket footing, a chip is missing and could have developed before the original sale, since it has been smoothed. It is unseen, does not affect the looks even should it be viewed, but mention here, see photos.

Country: USA likely but unknown.

Size: approx. H: 3.25” x L: 9.5” x W: 6.5”. Interior L: 8.0” x W: 4.75” with a depth of 1.25”, plus benefit of the recessed interior lid, giving an overall height of 2.0” inside the case.

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